Our mission

Contribute to the global clean-energy output, by creating high ROI opportunities in Renewable Energy Sources and to raise global awareness about their planet’s protecting impact.
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Global Torus Renewables Limited


is an international business entity that was established in Cyprus in 2008 (originally as Danpolia Investments Ltd). It is an investment and consulting company specializing in investment management in the energy sector.

As a responsible and environmentally responsible company, we actively participate in global efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through the development and operation of projects related to renewable energy sources, using the most innovative technologies.

Our main areas of activity are financing projects based on wind, solar and water Energy. We also implement projects related to energy storage. The company searches for the best locations for its projects both in developed and growing markets.

The mission of Global Torus Renewables is to use business opportunities in the area of ​​renewable energy around the world. The company implements its own projects, but also engages in the implementation of investment projects for specialized investors, such as investment funds or private investors. We focus on combining this mission with achieving above-average financial results.

RES market


There are four main factors that lie at the heart of investing in renewable energy:

Departure from fossil fuels

for RES and increasing share of clean energy in national power systems;


Increasing population

and increasing energy demand;

Economic and technological growth

resulting in increasing availability and lower costs of renewable energy sources;

Increasing public awareness

of the impact of man on the warming climate of the Earth and the increasing openness of the society to the use of energy-saving solutions.

renewable energy is the key

Until recently, the cost of acquiring energy from conventional sources was presented as lower than from renewable sources, but today these relations have turned away. Green energy uses generators whose prices are steadily declining and productivity is increasing. As a result, the RES sector is starting to be an economically viable alternative to coal-fired power plants or nuclear power plants. Countries that are signatories of climate agreements in Paris and Kyoto, in order to achieve the declared goals, must create incentives for investors such as stable system solutions guaranteeing the RES industry’s stability and a satisfactory return on investment. For this reason, the governments of individual countries adopt a policy to support the development of renewable energy. The scope of such a policy is wide and generally includes a long-standing strategy based on regulations, market and financial instruments as well as education.

What makes GTR special?

The companies belonging to the owner of Global Torus Renewables have gradually increased their financial involvement in the renewable energy sector in emerging markets for years, using high rates of return on investment and guaranteed stable income. The team of people creating GTR effectively combined the experience required to move in this field and enabled the implementation of complex, high-budget investments in the renewable energy industry. For this reason, Global Torus Renewables has a unique position on the market of companies from the renewable energy industry, which we now want to use to extend the scale of operations to countries outside of Central Europe.

investment strategy

Our investments are aimed at achieving three basic goals:

1. promoting renewable Energy and increasing energy efficiency

2. stopping climate change and protecting the environment

3. obtaining very attractive returns of investment


Related to the RES sector

in projects with diversified power and technology

Wind farms

with capacities from 6 MW to 150 MW

Photovoltaic farms

with capacities from 1 MW to 200 MW

Hydroelectric power plants

with capacity from 16 MW to 100 MW

Energy storage

including the use of hydropower

While Central Europe has been the main area of activity so far, GTR is extending its reach to Georgia and Moldova, but above all to Australia, where GTR is planning to become one of the leading players on the RES market in the near future.

Our goal is to develop and commission for commercial operation in the coming years wind farm projects, PV and energy storage with a total capacity of up to 2000 MW worldwide.

GTR as an investment company is also open to cooperation and joint implementation of investments from the renewable energy industry with private, institutional and local government investors.


GTR is a unique staff

It is made up of experts with many years of experience in the renewable energy industry, not only in the field of engineering, but also financial and legal. This is a great company capital.

Our team has been committed to achieving goals for years and provides the company with continuous development.

Thanks to the creative approach and passion for work, the company can implement even the most ambitious plans and achieve succes.

Our Office



Anastasi Sioukri 1,

Pamelva Court, 3035

Limassol, Cyprus


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